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Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 update: 10 new features you can't miss

May. 27, 2019

Microsoft has begun pushing the latest version of #Windows10 for May 2019, which has been tested for a long time, but is currently only available to advanced users, requiring them to install the cumulative updates in a timely manner and try to manually check for Windows Update.

The May 2019 Windows 10 update is a major feature update with a number of new features, tweaks, and minor improvements.


Here are some of the new features to watch for in the May 2019 Windows 10 update:


New Light theme



Windows Sandbox



Uninstall more built-in applications



Cortana and search are separated



Simple start menu



New brightness slider



Built-in keyboard emojis KAOMOJI(╯°□°)╯(┻━┻



Windows Mixed Reality supports desktop applications



Windows Update now can set pause update



Log in to Windows 10 using a password-less Microsoft account



Which new feature do you most look forwarding to?








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